Friday, February 25, 2011

Another Winter

We have been here and away much this season. I have lost track of Miss Ama while we were settling into the aftermath of the battle with the monster in the bay. I find reports for Doamnă from Miss Ama on how Mr Antfarm is doing, and some on Dr Beck which make no sense to me, but make Doamnă snap pens. I started ordering the steel barrel pens for her.

Then the news from home that Doamnă’s younger sister had passed away. I had never met Lady Alexandra, as she had been living in hospitals as long as I have been with the family. Travelling back to the schloss was not a happy occasion. Doamnă’s grandmother was not behaving any better to her, and even hosted a tea scheduled during the memorial services. There was nothing that would have excited scandal, as Doamnă ignored the snub. I don’t know why the Old Bat is so hateful.

Back in Steelhead, the same ocean that kept the city tolerable in the summer is an open space for the winds to whip through with a frenzy. Bitterly cold weather is nothing new to me, but it does have a depressing effect on the clerks I work with. Even so, I’ll admit I’m tired of being cold.

I am also learning to be patient. My Beloved leaves me notes to let me know he is well, and that he misses our brief times together. I hope to look forward to at least a little time with him, if my duties permit. And we still need to properly introduce him to Doamnă.