Friday, December 18, 2009

A new development.

The day was clear, if cold, and after my courier run, I had the rest of the day as a holiday. Only one thing could make the day better, and I happened to meet him in the train station at New Babbage. Rather than retuning back to Steelhead immediately, we continued to the Clarion, where Duke Edward presented Interesting Holiday Music.

We danced for hours, though it seemed to be just minutes to me. On the train, we discussed music and dance all the way back to Steelhead. It is so interesting that someone with such a different background can have similar tastes in so many things.

I was somewhat nervous when he asked my opinion of the flat he was considering taking. He apologized for the size, but it is still larger than my room in the Old City hotel. The view from the balcony was breathtaking! When he gave me his key, and asked me to go look at the other room for comparison, it was quite odd. The high ceilings of his rooms were grand, but one could not see out of the high windows, either.

I worried that he needed to make economies, but I did not voice my fears. It must have shown in my face, because he commented the move was for the view. He suggested a walk up the mountain, and I readily agreed. I had been thinking it would make a cozy home, and I shouldn't assume.

However, as we hiked, his questions seemed to indicate he had similar thoughts. I'm afraid I babbled in my responses, about the mountain feeling a bit like my home district, when a bit of weather blew up. We took shelter in a small cave at the shoulder of the mountain, and waited for the swift-moving storm to pass.

What we specifically said in conversation is of no consequence to anyone, but the meat of the matter is that we are in accord.

I have a promise.

My heart cannot contain all the joy I feel!

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