Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Land, New Faces

The frontier opened up yesterday as I was clearing my desk for the day. Once the all-clear was sounded, I had a bit of a look-see.

I ran into one of the patrols, Sergeant Birdsan. She was very nice, and remembered Mătuşă Ecaterina (and her baking), letting me take a picture for the folks back home.

She is a nice person, but her husband makes me nervous. He's one of the uncanny folk about, and he is always polite in the office, but he always has this half-smile, like he knows something you don't. Most of the time, he is not about, but the other staffers say he has his own diplomatic post.

He had stopped by earlier in the morning, dropping off forms for the Sergent to have a big chunk of time off in December. She said they were going to his home district, to meet the Aunties. The smile she gave was a lot like the one Mătuşă Ecaterina wears when she talks about stalking Unchi Radu in their courtship.

We walked about St Helens, and it is a bit like my home district. The trees are different species, and there are no wandering goat herds (or the things that hunt them) but it would be a very nice place for a little cottage. Sergeant Birdsan teased me a bit about finding land and a mate, but that is a long way off, yet.

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